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Started by AlluringBaits.Com, June 22, 2008, 04:45:32 PM

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The new site will be up any day now..............could be tomorrow, or tuesday, but it will be up soon.  (if you want the 'old pricing' you better order now)

And now........
GOOD NEWS.   I have been able to keep most of my pricing right where it is currently at, with a few exceptions. (especially on the most purchased options)

The bad news, is that I have discontinued 50 packs to be able to keep some of these prices down.   

   Hopefully there will be no pitchforks and rope outside my door tonight. 


........just want ya'll to know that I am dedicated in my mission to offer THE BEST deals anywhere.

Brent Bollinger -

Just mention your UB name at checkout to...
....recieve a FREE gift with EVERY order. Ultimate Bass ($) with EVERY order.

Mike Cork

Great news, looking forward to seeing the new site ~c~ ~c~

FYI to all those that don't know, you won't find a better deal on Brush Hawgs (and other soft plastics) than from Alluring Baits :toot: Save yourself some money and check them out ;)

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Looking forward to the new web site

Alluring has the best prices on the net for soft plastics    :o   




Dunham Fisher

Great lookin' site.  Great lookin' baits!   ~c~


New site looks great. Can't wait to get my decals and my new shipment of baits. Brent again thanks for the help with my company and the website issues.

Ryan Abey


The new site looks awesome, great job Brent.

Oh and BTW, my package has just arrived.......thanks Brent, everything looks great  ~c~
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