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"Wacky" Tip.....

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We (should) all know about the o-ring method for wacky rigging stick baits (Pepper Sticks, Senkos, etc.).
Here's a way to add durability to the worm AND slow the fall rate...

-Buy a box of those foam pencil grips (look in the school supplies section at Wal-Mart).

-Slide the grip over the worm until it is in the middle.

-Add a dab of super glue to each end of the grip to keep it from sliding.

-Thread the hook all the way through the bait and the foam grip.

Viola! The buoyant foam will decrease the fall rate of the bait, and add more support to help keep it from tearing.
You can cut the grip down, depending on how fast you want it to fall.

This could be killer during cold weather, or when a cold front moves through. ;)

Lee Smith

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Great Tip TightLines! About to head out for a TX today, may have to run by Walmart!

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Good tip TL  :-* ~c~ ~c~ ~c~ ~c~
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That's a good tip.  One thing I like about most stick baits is the slow fall rate with an unweighted wacky rig.  But, there are some times when even that fall is too fast.  I like the idea of the foam to decrease the fall rate and to help keep the lures for more than one fish.

Another thing I found for a slow falling stick bait is IronClad lures.  They actually float if you just toss one in the lake and they have a biometric membrane inside them that keeps the lure on the hook.  Once the barb is through, you have to really work to get the hook back out.  I used one 4 1/2" stick bait to catch 67 smallmouth bass this spring!

And no, I'm not being paid by IronClad, but they did send me some samples to try out and I'm impressed.

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or you could add a small piece to the front and back of the worm so it moves back and fourth as it falls? idk if it would work just a thought


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Great tip!  Thanks!!
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