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Alluring New Baits have Arrived!!!!!!

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and awaiting the new sizes (and shapes) of Hookerhead Shaky Jigs. (just waiting for the bags to arrive)

Now available on the website are 8 new colors of the 7" Ripperworms, and 5 new colors of 6" Finesse Worms, including everybody's staple ; Watermelon Red in both.

We are now able to offer 4 more colors in the 5" stick as well as restocking the 5" Watermelon Red stick and the long awaited arrivals of the watermelon/ chart laminate sticks.  (new colors are ; gr pumpkin chartail, green pumpkin/chart laminate, shadow (aka smoke shad), black grape.

other restocked items are the Fork Craws and Beavers in Wat. Red, and the 4" sticks in Pearl Silver and Pumpkinseed

i'm sure i left out a half-dozen others.

b   (unfortunately, there is always the 'bad news' ; green pumpkin sticks are backordered)     ^-^
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I see you finally have some beavers in cotton Candy!! Placed an order today.  Thanks.

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Great stuff at great prices. Folks if you are spending your money on zoom and yamomoto without trying some of these products you are wasting money ;)
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I love watermelon/red  lo lo

Be watching out for another order Brent  ;)
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