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Started by tfly73, August 17, 2008, 08:46:24 PM

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Tim McFadden
314 Kattelville Rd, Binghamton, NY 13901
Home #(607)648-6124, Cell #(607)242-2315
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Personal Information:    

I am married to a wonderful wife who is 100% behind my fishing career; we have 2 delightful boys.  I am a founding member of KTBA Bass Club (my local club) and am currently on my 3rd year as Chairman of this fishing club. In the 3 years that I have held this position the membership has tripled. KTBA Bass Club was established in 1992.  The KTBA Bass Club has teamed up with a local cub scouts group and organized a "Kids Day Fishing Tournament" in order to teach the kids the art of angling, casting, lure selection, reading the water, catch and release, proper handling and sportsmanship. I am a large supporter of protecting the sport of fishing and I am greatly dedicated to helping reach out to the younger generation and teach them to be future anglers. 


2004-2008  I have had  1st-3rd place finishes in my local club tournaments
2007-  7th place ABA Weekend Tournament at 1000 Islands
2006-  12th place BASS Weekend Series on Oneida Lake,
    10th place at Potomac River 3-day BASS Northeast Regional Tournament
    (see article attached from my local newspaper)
2005-  13th place and Big Bass in BASS Weekend Series on Cayuga Lake

My pledge:

I am dedicated to the lures and equipment that I use, targeting sponsorship only from their suppliers.
I will locally and statewide represent your product to other anglers.
I am eager to grow in the Bass Fishing Industry.


Fishing for a living has to be a sin!!