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Phillip Brewer
Jasper, Alabama
email: [Please enable JavaScript to see this content]

I've been married to my wife Heather for four years and we are now proud parents as of March 2008.  My wife and I have owned a small delivery business in Birmingham, AL for the past 6 years.  Fishing is something I've been doing my whole life, but started tournament fishing in 2006.  Tournament bass fishing fills a competitive void in my life and I will be fishing competitively for many years to come.

Develop a long term relationship with a company displaying excellence and a desire to create a relationship to assist in increased product exposure and market share
My goal is to share the love I have for bass fishing by representing this challenging sport as a full time professional bass angler.  What I enjoy most about fishing is the constant changing and adapting to a new environment and conditions.  Whether I am fishing with my family or competing in a tournament, I look forward to having the opportunity to promote and represent the products and services of the companies that I represent.  With these opportunities as a representative of your company, I will continue to learn and teach others about the sport of bass fishing

15 Top Ten finishes in 50+ boat tourneys, and
23 Top five in the smaller tourneys.
And eight First place wins in 20+ Boat tourneys

Winston Top 50  seventh Place 16lb 8oz
wildcat forth place 13 .2 lb out of 64 boats
wildcat first place 16.8 and big fish out of 35 boats
Pat's outdoors bass tourney 27th out of 113 boats 10.11
Fridaynight open (smith lake)  Third place 12lb 5oz
THE" LAY LAKE OPEN May 10th 2008 (500 boat) 74th Place
Smith Lake Tuesday night Wildcat  fifth place
Smith Lake Friday night  wildcat     Forth place
Bankhead Lake Monday night wildcat  Fifth place
Smith Lake Tuesday night Wildcat  First place
Smith Lake Friday night  wildcat  10th place
Smith Lake Friday night  wildcat  First Place
Smith Lake Friday night  wildcat Third place
Up coming in 2008

((Fishers of Men  N.E Division))

Neely Henry 02-23-2008  ((not fished)) Accident

Weiss 03-22-2008    ((not fished))  our Baby was born

Logan Martin Lake 04-19-2008   33rd place 10lb 14oz

Neely Henry 05-17-2008   28th place 10Lb 31oz

Lake Guntersville  06-14-2008  19th Place 15lb 24oz
Fishers of Men  REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Sep 26-27-2008

((Fishers of Men N.W. Division))

Lake Guntersville  5/31/08  34th Place

Wheller Lake        6/21/08    29th Place

Up coming in 2009

Lake Neely Henry     Gadsden Bait & Tackle Feb-21-2009   
Lake Logan Martin    Lakeside Mar-21-2009   
Weiss Lake              Leesburg Landing Apr-18-2009   
Lake Neely Henry     Gadsden Bait & Tackle May-16-2009   
Lake Guntersville      Goose Pond Jun-13-2009   
Pat's outdoors bass tourney  Apr. 11 th
Marks Outdoor's LAY LAKE OPEN May 2nd 2009   (500 boat's)

2009 Bankhead Bassmasters Schedule

Feb.7   lake Jordan 10th place with 16.09lb
Mar.14  Bankhead lake
Mar.28  Guntersville Lake
Apr.25  Lake Mitchell
May 9  Logan Martin
June 6 Neely Henry
June 26 Bankhead Lake
July 10  Lake Mitchell
Aug 15   Guntersville Lake
Sept 26  Pickwick Lake
Oct 9-10 Guntersville Lake

What I can offer My Sponsors:

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Add your company name and logo to my tow vehicle and boat. That is seen by  900+
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Add your company name in signature on Ultimatebass.com over 6500 made daily.
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Ultimatebass.com has 27,744,830 page views and 76,292,633 hits annually.
Add a link and description to your company
Present your product to local business
Give presentations, hand out samples of your products, or give brochures to area bass clubs
I will be a positive outlet of information about your products.  I am a known and respected, and driven person who can provide information and demonstrations on how I use the products that you offer to make others a more complete fisherman.  This will increase the demand for your products.  I feel that by increasing the demand of your products I will make myself a valuable asset to your company.  Creating a wider customer base for your company is my goal.

Thanks for reading my resume God Bless have a great day