Request via certified mail?

Started by tritongirl, November 11, 2008, 06:31:55 AM

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Is it appropriate to send a partnership request via certified mail?   :-\


I usually do, i think that it shows you are serious about wanting to become a partner in helping with the other companies

Mike Cork

I think it's a good idea for two reasons.

1) it shows you are serious and not just Joe blow


2) it makes you different from the 1000's of other letters they get in the mail. One thing you want to do as quickly as possible when approaching a company is set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd, become different from the pile of envelopes sitting there and a certified letter/mail could be a huge benefit. If nothing else it will get them to open yours wondering "what makes this person think they are so special?"  :-* Where I bet the hundreds of other letters don't even get opened.

When looking for sponsors for the site Laurie and I have gone to Office Depot and picked up some envelopes with bright colors and bright outrageous prints on them, that way when it hits the desk of the company it stands out  :-* screaming OPEN ME. Yeah it may seem corny but if it at least gets your letter opened you are a step ahead of thousands that didn't make it that far.

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FYI - in case someone has been waiting on an answer from a potential sponsor/partner.

After mailing a certified letter to Company X three months ago, I was sitting at my laptop today, and finally received a response.   ~c~  So, don't lose hope!   :)