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Shawn Moore
815 Rose Lane
Longview, TX 75604


To conquer and challenge the world of bass fishing, to better myself with knowledge of this great sport, to educate, and to promote the awesome sport of professional angling by living a strong code of ethics. To sell, promote, push or give sponsored products, whether it be a single, young angler's beginning sitting on the dock or thousands of amateurs that I come in contact with through out the tournament seasons.


Shawn Moore currently resides in White Oak, TX. He has been fishing for 21 years with 9 of those years in competition. He has enjoyed fishing many of the local trails including: The Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail in which he took angler of the year for the 2008 season and qualified for a chance to fish in the national championship on the Red River in March of 2009. He has also been featured on a local television program called the Ark-La-Tex Sportsman multiple times which airs in north east Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. I was born in Meyersdale, PA on the night of January 31, 1982. I grew up in a small city called Longview, in north east Texas, right in the heart of southern bass fishing. With about two dozen of wonderful well known lakes, within an hour or two's drive, I can see how my love for the sport grew. Throughout my teen years, I fished every opportunity that I had. Many of times in tournaments, in which I was able to learn many things.

Due to the nature of my job as a boat salesman I am often on the radio or giving demonstrations at many events such as: boat shows, bass fishing tournaments, and live remotes with various radio stations in the store front of H&W Marine. I am in contact with well over 2500 people a year due to these events. I am also recognized at Triton Boats as a top salesman in the bass boat industry.
I am often placing well in tournaments and have been featured on due to Fishers of Men posting results on the web site.
I have also been featured on a local T.V. show called The Ark-La-Tex Sportsman for my divisional win on Lake Wright Patman in June, 2008. As a result of this win I have made two bass fishing shows with Ark-La-Tex Sportsman on Caddo Lake and Lake O the Pines. This show gives me additional 50,000 to 100,000 homes that receive the show 75 times a month. I am doing more shows for them in the near future on Wright Patman Lake, the Red River in Shreveport, LA., and a another show on Lake O the Pines.

Advertising cost
Along with the television exposure I do drive 75 miles a day to work on Interstate 20, which equals 18,000 miles in one year just from interstate driving. A truck wrap would be very cost effective at 3000 dollars (est cost) for a wrap. The amount of exposure per person if you figured I see 400 cars a day or 96,000 cars in one year would equal a cost of .03 cents per person that saw the advertisement. As for the a boat wrap to help promote your product the cost is much less due to the exposure of television, I have done three show this year which at the most would be exposure to 100,000 homes per show. With the average family now at 4 people that is exposure to a potential 400,000 people per show! The cost of the boat wrap per person just from television would be less then 1 cent per person. These figures are just from a small sampling of the amount of exposure I can offer a company to help promote a product that I can believe in and trust.

My Strongest attributes
Working with the general public, the ability to sell a product that I believe in, and the opportunity to meet people who enjoy the same lifestyle as I do.

I can help your company by providing you with an outstanding individual to represent our industry and for someone to look up to as a role model. I do have a big following of local anglers that I fish with and against to push or sell your products with word of mouth advertising , to the customers that purchase boats from me through out the year And on the television show that I participate in.

Current Sponsors
Esox Rods
Hyperstrike lures
H&W Marine
Triton Boats  

Fishers of Men
2008 1st place, division champion, and national championship qualifying angler


* 2000- 2006 I fished in numerous local tournaments on Lake o' The Pines, Bob Sandlin Lake, Lake Tyler, Lake Palestine, Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn and many others .

* I have finished first numerous times and many times in the top ten as well.

* 2004 I was awarded Big Bass of The Year in the Sportsman Bass Club (9.34lbs)                                                                                                                                                 

* 2005 placed 15th out of 52 overall in the Sportsman Bass Club. Also I was the overall championship winner with a 2 day total of 26.02 lbs and 2nd big bass of 4.53 lbs

* 2006 I finished in 2nd place for Angler of The Year with 158.06 pounds in 12 events for the 2006 season with the Sportsman Bass Club.

* 2006 finished in 9th place out of 22 teams in the club classic at Sam Rayburn Lake.                                                                                                       

* 2007 2-25-07 B.A.S.S. Weekend Series presented by ABA
Entered as a non-boater at Lake Palestine finished in 16th with 2.0 lbs

2007 Fishers of Men Northeast Division final standings
4th place overall out of 28 teams

2007 A.B.A Weekend Series finished in 16th place for the year after fishing only 1 tournament

10-24 thru 10-27-07 Atchafalaya Basin finished in 81st out of 139 teams Fishers of Men Regional tournament (I fished as an individual)

* Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail 2008
2-23-08 5th place at Martin Creek Lake with 14.86 pounds and a 4.56 big fish

3-29-08 2nd place at Lake o' the Pines with 18.94 pounds and a 6.04 big fish

4-26-08 8th place at Lake Bob Sandlin with 12.10 pounds

5-24-08 4th place at Lake o' the Pines with 18.63 pounds and a 6.23 pound big fish

6-7-08 1st place at Wright Patman Lake with 20.62 pounds and a 6.39 pound big fish

Boat currently fishing from:
2007 Triton TR-200x2 with a Mercury 225 Pro XS, Lowrance 520c and Huminbird 997 side image on the console, a Lowrance x135 at the bow, and a Minn Kota max pro trolling motor.


2001 graduate of Pine Tree High School in Longview, TX

3 year member of the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail
Co-Owner of Hyper Strike Lures

Job experience
Feb 2006 to present
H&W Marine (#1 Triton boat dealer in the nation for 2006, 2007, and 2008)
Marshall, TX
Salesman for Triton Boats, Larson Boats, Bentley Pontoons, Prodrive Boats and outboards, Mercury outboards, Mud Buddy Boats and outboards, Yamaha Jet Ski's, Gator Tail outboards, South Bay Pontoons, and Cypress Cay Pontoons.

Jan 2005 to Feb 2006
Ark-La-Tex Water Treatment
Longview, TX
Installed Rain soft water treatment systems

Jan 2003 to Jan 2005
Uncle Ed's Tackle
asst. manager
Ordered baits from distributors and corporations

Gander Mountain Duck Hunting Extravaganza Fall 2006                 3 days 
Gander Mountain Ski Boat Extravaganza Summer 2006                  3 days
Shreveport LA boat show spring 2006                                        3 days
Bass Masters Elite Majors Little Rock, Ark    August 2006               2 days
Longview boat show January 2007                                             3 days
Grand opening at H&W Marine April 2007                                     1 day
Texas Toyota Bass Classic April 2007                                         3 days
Longview Boat and RV expo January 2008                                   3 days
Delta Waterfowl assoc. August 2008                                          1 day  pro staff  pro staff 
enter moore at checkout for a discount on rods  regular co-host
hyperstrike lures  pro staff  pro staff

squeeky  pro staff  pro staff 
enter moore at checkout for a discount on rods  regular co-host
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