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2 PC rod tips

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Saw this on another site and thought I would share it.

Putting your rod together
Take the male end of the ferrule and rub it along side your nose before putting the rod together. The oil from your skin/nose will put a light lube on the joint where the two rod parts come together, making it easy to pull apart.

Taking your rod apart
If you're having a hard time getting a rod apart because the joint or ferrule is stuck together, try this. Sit down and lay the rod across your lap with the ferrule centered between your legs. Take your hands and grasp the top and bottom of the rod on the outside of your legs. Hold on tight to the rod, keeping your hands below the top of your legs and slowly move your legs apart, pulling the rod apart at the same time!

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A slight twisting action will also help when trying to seperate the 2 pieces.

Thanks for sharing Dug  :-*
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You can also find a really good looking piece of cover and cast towards it.  They always seem to come apart real easy them. lo lo lo
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