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Started by trdkid, January 28, 2009, 12:15:29 PM

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It's not easy to find sponsors lol. But I am wondering how someone would go about finding a sponsor. I have a pretty extensive resume between me and my partner. We haven't fished alot of high profile tournaments but this season we are. Any tips would be appreciated.

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TRD I have never fished in a tournment or belong to a Bass Club so can't be of much help. But I do know you will need to have a Resume . Stop by here and spend a little time reading some of them  ;)

Resume Help

This might give you some pointers on how to put one together  ;D

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It makes no difference what tournaments you fish.  You don't even have to be a great fisherman.  companies sponsor anglers to help them move product, bottom line.  Ask yourself what you can offer a company.  How can you help them sell product?  Answer these questions and propose that to companies and you will have a start.  also, I started getting sponsors that were local businesses that had nothing to do with fishing.  I have fished for free now for 3 or 4 years.  check out www.fishforfree.com.  very much worth the money.  hope this helps.

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I'm not ragging on you by saying this by any means at all. But grammar and punctuation is key. Another key pointer would be to let the company know how you can benefit them. There is much more to a resume, but that should get you started. Any further question's just PM me!
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As long as you can sell products.  I have a "okay" tournament resume' but I have a great  business resume'.  I have around twelve sponsors. Companies want someone who is going to promote and talk about the products, not some one just looking for free stuff.  You need to fill out some pro staff applications and send them in.  But if you get selected and don't deliver.. you will get cut for the next year.  Just my 2 sense. 
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As someone who is seeking pro-staff members I can honestly say that I care more about you as a person than I do as a fisherman.

When I open a resume the first thing I do is look at whether or not it's written in complete and coherent sentences. You have no idea how many resume's I get with partial, run-on, half thought out sentences that end with, "just give me the chance to show you what i can do with your lures".

I really don't care if you can juggle my lures while singing Dixie.

Is the resume complete? Am I going to find derogatory, or off colored jokes and comments on your social media sites? Or, are you personable? Do you interact well with others? Can you articulate and communicate well among a group? Are you respected by your fellow club members?

These are all things we look at, or at least I do. The last thing I want out in the field is someone saying, "What moron sponsored this guy?". As a pro-staff member you are an extension of my brand out in the public eye and I do everything I can to make sure my brand is protected.

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Saw this a while back.  Some pretty good info, suggestions in there.  The most effective resumes of this sort I've seen include details on performance - wins, top 5 or 10 finishes, big fish pots, etc.  If you've done well using a bait form the company you're soliciting state so and where you got it/used it. 

Bait companies are looking for people who not only are able to perform in tourneys.  they need people who can carry a message effectively to the public.  if you've done any seminars or presentations on fishing techniques you should include those, esp if the technique uses one of their baits.