Another Minda Technique

Started by AJ, February 12, 2009, 08:15:57 PM

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went out doin some bank fishin tonite

used a 1/2 oz Aaron Martens Scrounger and a 1/4 oz Scrounger both tipped with a Minda 4 in smoked shad Drop Shot worm

caught 1 dink and 1 dink sandie and missed 2


Hey can someone xplain to me how that bass hit that and had both lips hooked???  I noticed that when I took it off the hook, I have never hooked one like that before

Jared LeBlue

Bass do funny things. I have hooked fish like that before. Either the hit it a spit it out and try for it again and you snag them or no tell what other crazy things go on under water.
Ardent Prostaff


have hooked em with a crank in the gills, guess they bumped it and i set the hook, had 3 in a row like that (gilled)