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I have a new partner for the Shootout!

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Unfortunately, my regular partner is unable to fish the Shootout. Brian was in a wreck last year that messed up his back pretty bad. It has been giving him lots of problems lately & Saturday, he went to the river fishing & he was in MAJOR pain that night. One day on the river did that so I do not think there is any way he could handle 3-4 days on Toledo Bend...we all know it will probably be rough out there!

Jeff Gilmer will be fishing with me instead. Most of you probably remember him from last year or maybe the year before in TCTC...he also fished the Shootout at South Toledo Bend.

Jared LeBlue

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Sorry to hear Brian can't make it but glad you found someone. Looking forward to seeing yall in a couple of weeks.
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Hated to hear that about Brian BA, hope he will get some relief soon!

But great news Jeff will fish with you! ~c~