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t-rigged tubes

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I don't know about down south, but in PA we usually use 3-4'' tubes.  In many places with weeds, you can't fish a regular tube.  I just started using t-rigged tubes this year.  I like to use BPS Tender Tubes, with a 1/8 onze insert weight, and a 3/0 Gamakatsu wide gap hook.  I insert the tube weight all the way up into the top of the tube.  I then put the hook in, and put a dab of super glue onto the hook where it meets the tube, so it doesnt slide.  The tube just barely fits with this rig, but if you do it right, it works great. The 2/0 would work better for the size of the tube, but i prefer the 3/0 for more room for the hook.  If, you want to put scent on, you can just put it on the outside.  But, I have found some neat tricks  to hold scent longer.  You can take some cotton balls, or cotton from ear swabs, and shove inside the tube.  Then apply your favorite scent.  You can also put some alka seltzer in before the cotton, and it will last longer.  The thing I have found to work best is to put some ERUPT in the hole of the tube and then you can also add your own scent for a combo of scents, plus this will make a few bubbles like alka seltzer.  If the fish are finicky, instead of drop shotting a tube, you can insert a small Cabin Creek Cork into the tube, and that will make it float.  Or you can take an industrial ear plug, and shove it up into the tube, this makes it quite boyant.  You can also insert either of these if you want to use your tube as a jerkbait.  Hope this will help all you tubers out there.
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