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Brush Hawg

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     I just wanted to say what a great time I had at this years UBCS as always, this is my favorite event every year and God-willing I will never miss another one (Bistineau).  As a guy who didn't think I would be able to fish because of work (I had to use last vacation day and two sick days) and then I got that straight.  I then committed and then my I got shut down because of personal reasons (wife).  I then had to tell my partner and best friend Jimmy Brown that I was backing out and he needed to find somebody else.  Luckily Jimmy found a great partner in Big Joe.  Then my situation turned around I was able to fish again.  I've always had a personal rule not to fish Toledo by myself because it can be such a treacherous place, despite this I just could not stay away. I made the trip but it felt ackward as heck at first.  After a couple of nice jabs about getting my family jewels back my Lockjaw brothers took me back into the fold.  I love those guys. 

     Fishing wise I did better than expected but for me it is not just about the fishing it is about hanging with some of the coolest mofo's in the world and them TCTC people are pretty damn cool too.  The food was excellent on both nights and I have to say in my opinion that was definitely the best spread the TCTC people have laid out for us.  That pork loin was excellent.  Steve did an awesome job running the event and I would like to thank all the TCTC guys and gals for a great experience.  I did miss PAPA and Trey not being there.  TCTC has some really great fisherman in it and that's why we rejoice when we can put on a good showing up against you guys and your incredibly nice fishing rigs.  That's why we scream Lockjaw!!! at the top of our lungs to show we are there and to support our club brothers.  Congrats to Josh and Kenny, Chris and Brent, and John and Max for the team honors. Great job.  Thanks to Rattle for all the hard work he does for our club year in and year out, you sir are a great friend and fisherman.  Thanks to Mike and Laurie for starting this website because it is what spawned this incredible event and gives real fisherman the chance to discuss real fishing topics and generally b.s. as well.  Also Mike when Jimmy and me were giving you a "hard" time about the saltwater baits that was planned.  Jimmy wanted to pull your chain a little and you've got to admit a saltwalter bait in Electric Chicken color calls for a little ribbing.  For real the door prizes were excellent and on our end we couldn't have come up with two better people to win the Carrot Stick and the Citica reel.  Your door prize winner Brent may have to take Trey's spot as our "honorary" member.  He is always cool as heck to talk with about fishing and football.  He's got a LOCKJAW heart just lives up North.

     Basically I just want to say:

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Jared LeBlue

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I wanted to say thanks also to all those that were responsible for making the 2009 UBCS a success. Thanks to Steve and all  the members of  TCTC for putting on a great tournament. Thanks to Southwest  Beverage Co. for supplying the beverages for the Saturday evening. Thanks to Mike and Laurie for having this great website which is the reason we have this event. Thanks to the cooks, Larry and Candance for that awesome meal Saturday night.

Mike I'm glad you got your jewels out that jar off your wife's dresser and showed up. I hope you still have a house to sleep in. lo As always I had a blast and am already looking forward to next year.
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Folks, we had a great time with some great people! I really look forward to this event every year!

Thanks go out to everyone that showed up and made this event great! ~c~

I'd like to thank;

James Teer and Mike & Laurie Cork for their help in getting things brought together to make this event happen!  ~c~

Brian Walters for handling all the weigh-ins! ~c~

All of our TCTC Club members who helped in acquiring the door prizes! ~c~

LockJaw cooks for Friday night food! ~c~

Larry and Candice for some super food on Saturday! ~c~ ~c~

A special THANKS goes to:

Bucky Boone and "Bill" at Travis Boating Center  ~c~
4306 E. Texas St. Bossier City, LA 71111

for donating the Carrot Stick as the Grand Prize! And thanks to Russ Jeardoe for arranging this! ~c~


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Man, you guys are awesome.  I really hope to make it down to the football game, and tailgate with you guys. 


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I have fished all six Shoot outs and enjoyed every one of'em, I have to say they get better every year. Thanks to everyone who made happen, great food, great time, great folks, great door prizes.

 ~beer~  Hey Blue! When I say L you say O,    L

Jared LeBlue

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I had a great time as always.  Thanks to all that made it happen you guys from the north are great.  I will enjoy my new reel.  ~gf  Thanks Rattle for the beers and the awesome food  ~beer~.  I didn t think northen folks could cook like future newlyweds that was some good food.
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Hey guys, wanted to drop in and say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes out to Everybody in the TCTC club, ya'll are some great people and we always have a great time hanging out with ya'll.  Ya'll put on a great Tournament and as the years before I had a blast.  I also want to thank EVERYONE in Lockjaw, ya'll did a great job bringing in the fish and am proud to be part of such a group of people, special thanks goes out to Rattle for keeping everything in the club running smoothly and Zuk for keeping everyone motivated (LOL).  Thanks also goes out to Mike and Laurie for having such a great place for us to come and hang out in here.  Thanks also goes to Larry & Candice, ya'll did a fine job on supper saturday night.  Would also like to say, thanks to Travis Boating Center for the donation on the Carrot Stick and to Southwest Beverage for the cold stuff for saturday night. ~beer~  TCTC, ya'll are a great bunch of people and look forward to getting together next year already.  On an afterthought, needless to say, it was a little bit quieter around without Papa and Trey, we didn't have the excitement of the runaway boat and Trey is always, well, he's always Trey, ya'll were missed this year...Thanks again guys....
GO LOCKJAW!!!!!!!!
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I want to put my 2 cents in here too!
You LockJaw fella's are some very cool cats to spend time BS's and fish with. Thanks to all who put this on and continue to make the UBCS tourney's an awaited event in my life.
My son wanted me to also say he had a great time hanging out with Fogy & John's  young'ins. We got home and he went to the garage and got out his fishin rods and wanted to go fishing. I told him it would have to wait till tomorrow cause dad was tired.
Also, thanks to the ladies for helping get everyones stuff out and making a final round for checkout.
The food was awesome both nights and so was the laughes. Gotta love Jack "aka Jimmy" for keeping everyone on their toes and tons of laughter.
Man we need one of these in the spring and fall. A whole year is just too long to wait.
Thanks all.
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Mike Cork

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Outstanding :toot:

As always this is an event I am damn proud to be part of and look forward to the minute it's over. It always goes by way to fast.

Congratulations the Lock Jaw bass club, you all put together a fine stringer of fish  ~c~

Congratulations to everyone for making yet another fantastic weekend that Laurie and I enjoyed very much.

Great fishing and Great friends that's what the UBCS is all about for us and you all (Lock Jaw and TCTC) definitely made that happen for us.
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