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Lake Seminole Tournament Results March 21st

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I am waiting on Fred to send me the tournament results and I will post them at that time. Pags took some photos that I will post as well. All I remember is Don Gainey whipping the field out of the back of the boat. Best I can recall, all top three finishers were co-anglers. Great job to Don and his "guide" Dick Durbin. ;D

Definitely was a rough and windy day on the water, but most everyone caught fish despite this. We had 21 anglers participate, which is a significant accomplishment over the recent past. Welcome to our newest pledges and I enjoyed the opportunity to be with you all.  A special thanks to my partner, Gary Weeks for struggling through a slow day with me. I greatly enjoyed your company. See you all next month on Talquin. We will be fishing either the 25th or 26th.

 :-*  Updated 4/12-Happy Easter!

1st Don Gainey                                  9.12 lbs
2nd Roger Timmons                            8.73 lbs
3rd Tony Cannington                          8.00 lbs
4th Dallas Johnson                             7.17 lbs
5th Fred Jones aka "I beat Johnny"       6.49 lbs
6th John Vickers                                6.18 lbs
7th Brent Zapata                               5.97 lbs
8th Jim Neece                                   4.78 lbs
9th Steve Burke                                4.47 lbs
10th Billy Owens                                3.84 lbs
11th Gary Weeks                               3.49 lbs
12th Dick Durbin                                3.25 lbs
13th John Rudolph                             3.16 lbs
14th Mike Thomas                             3.10 lbs
15th Larry Morris                               3.04 lbs
16th Mike Pags                                  2.89 lbs
17th Cris Revell                                  1.09 lbs
18th Ron Wallace                               .88 lbs
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