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Started by -Steve-, April 15, 2009, 08:37:23 PM

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Here's a thought I'd like to run by you all. Someone may have tried this in the past and if you have please let me know if it worked or no.

Here goes:
I was thinking tonight as I was going through my tackle box in preperation for this weekends BFL tourney and looking at the jerkbaits. Next to them was a few spinner baits. Then the thought crossed...Take the back treble hook off of a jerkbait and replace it with a colorado or a willow blade from a spinner bait and see what happens. What do y'all think, would it work???

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Heck yea it will work. I've never seen it on jerk baits, but I have a few lipless cranks with a willow blade on the back. They sell them inKorea for the seabass. I have just never got around to fishing them myself.
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Thanks for the reply BK, have to give it a try.  Anyone else???

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Never seen it before, but I would say it definaly warrents a shot.

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Yeah it seems to me it would deffinetly work in clear water. Or any where else for that matter.


doubt it would give you the desired effect of a jerkbait, it would be rear end heavy and wouldn't sit right in the water.


Actually, I believe it would work very well.  I do it with RattleTraps all the time.

And here's a link to a great way to attach the spinnerbait blade to the rear hook hanger.


I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work with a jerk bait.

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It would definately add flash and a wounded look to it.  Almost like a school or a few preoccupied shad and that is a TARGET for bass.


Adding a blade to the rear of a hard bait has been around for some time.  The only drawback on a jerk bait, IMO, is that early in the season when fishing a jerk bait slow in cold water (without a big rod sweep), you may not hook the short strikes.  Other than that, it will create an erratic action and added flash.

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