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Started by kand2197, August 31, 2009, 07:15:23 PM

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Hey guys my name is Kevin and I'm new to this site and the forum..I'm 23 and wanting to become a professional angler. My question is should someone wear a hat or a patch sporting a logo of a company that they are wanting to be sponsored by? Would this tell the sponsor that you are interested or do they just think "well this guy is already promoting us why should we sponsor him." I see alot of anglers wearing patches and hats for free. I just don't wanna be one of those guys with the patches all over their shirts thinking they're cool. I don't wanna wear a logo if I'm not getting sponsored by anyone. But would it help to let them see me wear there logo? Thanks.


I can see this going 2 ways

1. they see you wearing it and already figure your promoting their company
2. They see you wearing it and think "wow...this guy really likes our product and can really sell some baits"  lo

I have a feeling that 1 is going to be the more popular 1, that is why they send out hats and shirts.  If you get a free hat in the mail are you going to wear it?  Most people would, even if they aren't sponsored by them.
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I say wear the logo's of companies that you use. A company is not going to sponsor you out of the blue? You will need to prove yourself to them, catching fish and winning tournaments on a product is not as important as selling that product.

So before you approach a company you need to know that you can sell their product and be able to prove that you can and have done so. That company will then want to keep you working for them, that's when you can start negotiations.

So yes do some free advertising, sell some products and then you will become important to said company.

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There is a lot more to sponsorship than wearing a logo on your shirt.  I doubt there are many baits sold just due to someone walking across stage with a logo on their shirt.  There are, however, many baits sold based on what they hear come out of that person's mouth either on stage or in a one on one setting.

What I guess I am saying is - wear what you feel comfortable wearing, but look professional in doing so.  Always ask yourself - would I want to sponsor me based on how I look and how I communicate?  Additionally, and most importantly, always assume your next sponsor is right there watching you!! 
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Call the company and find out what they can offer you! I wouldn't necessarily say i am sponsored by Powell rods, but I do represent the company, as well as sell the product line through my own website. Everything i have seen and heard about Powell sent me to their site for my 1st purchase. I contacted Powell through the site and explained my position with my state BASS Federation Nation, as well as my club and showed him that i can provide exposure to a lot of anglers in my area, that are not currently aware of their product, and we struck a deal.

Its one thing to wear a sponsor logo, but you will want to at the very least, endorse that product, stand behind it based on the success you have had with that company's product. I talk up Trilene Big Game fishing line all the time (oops, there's an endorsement), but am not sponsored by Berkley in anyway. Point is, you don't want to obtain sponsorship for any products or servies you don't believe in.

Another fact of the industry is that you yourself have to be marketable. I personally have a blog site, i write our federation's newsletter, and manage two websites. Not to mention i talk to plenty of fishermen looking for advice on tips, techniques, tackle, etc. Get out there in the public eye and create a buzz. People should know you or know who you are to be comfortable taking your advice.

I'm quite sure you won't find anyone wanting to just give you money, and professional bass fishing is expensive. You'll need a business sense about and a little success on the water.

Best of luck!