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Why Don Speas Wants To Be Re-Elected President of Colorado TBF

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Don Speas

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Actually it’s very simple; I’ve been involved in bass fishing for over 38 years here in Colorado, would like to see the Youth get more interested in bass fishing and help conserve the natural resources we have.  These are the 3 fundamentals that TBF stand for; Fishing, Youth, Conservation.
I would like to continue leading the Colorado TBF to: introduce the sport of bass fishing and the love of it to our Youth of Colorado; to promote public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport; to offer Colorado DOW our organized support and encouragement; to promote adherence to conservation codes; to promote conservation and environmental protection and the fellowship of bass fishing;  to offer amateur tournament competition with a path to the professional level; and to function as an effective link with other State Federations embracing the principles of The Bass Federation, Inc.

This year was a year of learning and growth.  We increased our membership to 154, a new Youth Club in Colorado Springs and a College TBF Club is being formed.  It looks like we will have 2 more clubs wanting to affiliate with TBF next year.  We have developed a great relationship with the DOW’s “Aquatic Nuisance Species” program in helping educate fishermen the importance of preventing the spread of Zebra and Quagga Mussels.

A little about myself for you that don’t really know who I am:

I started bass fishing in Iowa farm ponds and gravel pits when I was around 8 yrs old about 55 years ago.  When I moved to Colorado in 1970, not thinking Bass were in a Trout State, I started dunking worms and salmon eggs.  Then a work friend told me of a bass club (Denver Bassmasters) starting up, I joined a month after they chartered in ’70 or ’71 – boy that’s been a long time ago.
Over the 38 years of Colorado Bass Fishing, I have been involved with; starting DBM and 5280 BassHunters, helping start the Colorado Bass Federation Nation, Youth Fishing, Disabled Fishing Programs, DOW, held several club officer positions, promoting bass fishing with several tackle companies and one of my proudest accomplishments, building the first “Handicapped Fishing Pier” in Colorado.

After winning several trophies, being on numerous State Teams, receiving awards, the one that means the most to me is a plaque from the Denver Bassmasters “The Quiet Man”  For Several Years Of Loyal and Dedicated Service As A Denver Bassmaster.  A Man We Are Proud To Call A Friend.

Being retired from my “JOB” at Xerox, I have the time (seems like I’m working more now than ever) to pursue my love of Bass Fishing.  My ability to see a job through, imagination, attention to detail and organizational skills will help TBF/FLW grow in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.

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Good Evening (Morning actually I guess),

No this is not one of your current peers in the Colorado bass fishing world but rather a blast from the past.  It's Jim Hickey (in DBM for a couple of years before branching out to Bassin' The Rockies).  Yes I know it has been a couple of years (more like 20) but when searching for info on Colorado bass fishing I came across your info on the 5280 (Mile-Hi still going strong I take it) BH site.  It's great to see you are still in CO (and down in Littleton too I see) and things are going well.

Nice pic on the post! ... Is that a spot caught in Pueblo? ... In any event, nice fish :)

Well just wanted to say hi and wish you the best in your quest to be re-elected to the Fed Presidency.

Tight lines and full livewells (or weigh cards :) )!

Jim H.
Jim Hickey

Twitter Handle: @BassFishnTips