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Got my first Daiwa, and a crankbait reel!

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I was over at my friends house, and he happened to to have a Daiwa Magforce MA 1000. 5.5:1 GR. It was a right handed bait caster too. I wasn't sure first though. So we went out it this lake, and fished for a little while. The reel was actually pretty darn good for sitting in his garage since around 1986! It was pretty noise on the cast, but when I reeled, it nice and smooth (2 graphite bearings)! Better than my Bill Dance reel felt after 1 year even! I'm sure in this reels time, it was great!! And 'cause it's 5.5:1, it'll make a good crankbait reel! And another good thing, is I can now use right handed baitcasters! It's really not as bad as I though it would be. After a few hours use, I was just fine! Not as nice as lefties, but still plenty good!

btw - anyone know much this reel is worth?
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