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Harris Chain Classic, February 5-7

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Well, if you can sum up one word about the Harris Chain this weekend, my word would be windy :help:. It blew from the minute we got there until we left. Saturday was especially bad with a boat fishing the Xtreme Tourney out of Buzzard Beach on Lake Eustis sinking.

It was good to have two of our pledges fishing with us. Charlie Melton and John Harrison both took their boats along, with Dick Durbin fishing with Charlie and John's son from Key Largo came up to fish with him. I fished with Mike Thomas, and Billy Owens and John Rudolph fished together.

Lake Harris was quite different from the last time we were there. Last visit, most fish had already spawned and we were met with a late cold front that turned the fish off. This time, all the Kissimmee grass had been burned back from the cold. There were a number of dead Tilapia in the canals from the hard freeze a couple of weeks back. Little Lake Harris, looked almost like Lake Seminole. The grass was all brown, the leaves were off the trees and the rolling hills behind the lake in the Howey-In-The-Hills area, looked like the Georgia side of Seminole.

Friday started out reasonably warm (78), with wind and rain. We tried the canals in Little Lake Harris first but didn't find any takers. Water temps at the time in there were close to 60 at the mouth, and though we did not go all the way in the back, Dick commented that they found 64 degree water in the back.

Got a few bites in some deeper water off the Kissimmee grass on a carolina rig. The key for us was finding areas where there was submergent grass slightly away from the grass line.

On Saturday our luck did not improve much. Most everyone stayed in Little Lake Harris, or around the bend into Lake Harris from Hickory Point due to the 35+ mph winds. :o I caught three fish that weighed over 8 pounds all on a carolina rig. Most everyone caught fish, but the folks on the front of the boat spent most of their time trying to keep the bow pointed into the wind.

Sunday went down hill from the previous day. Cold temps early, with a NW wind blowing 10-15 early, most everyone again stayed in Little Lake Harris or the east end of Lake Harris. We fished until noon and I caught one keeper around 3 pounds and Dick also caught one fish. Our weighin was holding up one fish against another. ~roflmao

Still, a good time was had by all and we got to know our pledges a little better. It was definitely worth the trip. Thanks to everyone that went.
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Here is a pic coming out of the "White House" canal on to Little Lake Harris. The picture really does not do justice to how rough it actually was.

The windy conditions proved to be a big challenge last weekend. It was nice to get out and fish with everyone that was there though. I am looking forward to Seminole here in a couple weeks.

Charlie Melton