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Conchas Lake Bass Fishing Reports

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post all fishing reports here...
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I don't know why nobody from New Mexico wants to post on their fishing spots,so let me.I was out there a couple of years ago on a fishing trip.We fished Conchas,Ute and Elephant Butte,personally,I liked the Canadian River between Conchas and Ute the best.Not only did we catch large numbers of bass from the river,but we also connected on some nice walleyes as well.Conchas is loaded with bass,and didn't appear to be heavily fished for bass.Ute Lake on the other hand had more boats on it,but the fishing was better(at that time anyway).We boated several nice bass from Ute,both smallies and largemouth's.At Elephant Butte,we didn't really get to do a lot of bass fishing,we fished walleye's,which is why we were there in the first place,we were fishing a large walleye tournament.I talked with several local anglers,and they said this lake is a great smallmouth lake,and I loved the way the Rio Grande River looked,very bassy.We spent three days on Elephant Butte for our tournament,then instead of heading back to Ohio right away,we drove up to NE New Mexico and fished Ute and Conchas,as well as Optima Lake in the Oklahoma panhandle.I've said it since that trip,when I retire,I'm going to spend my winters in NE New Mexico,it's an awesome area.
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Thanks for the inputs River Walker, sounds like a great place. Hopefully we can get some folks from the area helping out with fishing reports :-*
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Fished a Fed tournament, caught smallmouths on top water the first day(popR)also on tubes, the next day got the all on the tubes, fishing rock piles, some other guy where slow rolling spinnerbaits for large mouths and fishing the trees