Replacing Deck Carpet on Pro Gator 170

Started by vb3391, February 15, 2010, 08:13:15 PM

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Does anyone know where I could have my deck carpet replaced at a reasonable cost? I've checked a couple of places and they were asking around $600. That's a lil high in my opinion...



To have someone do it for will cost you big time! Its labor intensive work but very could do it yourself for the cost of carpet and glue...$200+/-

I did my old Tracker last year. Probably spent a total of 16 hours on front and back decks only. You will be pleased with the job and liek i is manageable to do it yourself, just will take some time...


Have you called Leroy Moore at the plant and asked him about replacing the carpet?


I have not spoken with Mr. Moore, but that's definitely a good idea.


Leroy, would be happy to do it.  and he wont charge you an arm and a leg


One question...would it actually be done at the factory? Or would it be done at the other shop in Benton? Reason I ask is I am in need of carpet on mine also & have had a bad experience & heard of others with the other shop! You could not pay me to take mine back to them...especially after just getting my boat back from someone else & them telling me my carbs had never been opened up AFTER I payed to have them cleaned & rebuilt several years ago.


I talked to them at the factory today, they will do it for 550.00 and it would be done at the factory.