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Discuss your plans for 2010!

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Hey just curious what everyone is doing this year and who all is still left around the Offutt fishing scene.

I'm in the desert untill late May. Finally found a decent internet connection. I sold my boat before I left because I didn't want to leave it in the snow so i'm debating buying another. Will accept PM's if you know someone looking to sell a decent rig.

This will be my last year at Offutt as i'm PCS'ing in November to Langley AFB. Hope to get out in Nebriosouri as much as I can this season. When I move to the coast in November, I may be real tempted to get into the brackish/saltwater scene. I hear the striper fishing there is phenomenal.

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Bueller, Bueller...LOL!  C'mon, Offutteers, been way too quiet around here for a while...
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