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Lake Hardy,IN Tournament March 27, 2010 Results

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  The tournament went well considering the horrible conditions we had. The day before we had extremely hard winds and a lot of nonstop cold rain and a bad cold front come through. When we launched on the lake it was 29 Degrees outside and the water was low 40. The temp outside finally rose to low 50 degrees by 3 pm and the water got to about 46. The fish had no real pattern except for looking for concrete and structure in direct sunlight. There was a lot of bass caught in the club but only three keepers. They had to be 14 inch or longer. Darrel Burbridge placed first in the club with one keeper and Rodney Gill placed second with one keeper. A non club member Fred Cave fishing the tournament did have the biggest bass at 3 pounds. It was a great day of fishing overall. Thanks to all the members and non members who showed up to fish in the cold conditions. ;D
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