Snaps? Anyone use them?

Started by AndyFender, April 22, 2010, 12:12:38 PM

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Anyone use snaps for Cranks, Jerk Baits. Swim Baits etc? What are your opinions on them?



I like to use the Norman speed clips. It is quicker than retying and I have never had one fail on me. Just make sure you have a hemostat or a needle nose handy as they can be a pain to use when the weather gets a little colder or your hands are wet.


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I haven't used snaps for years, as I prefer to re-tie my knots regularly. If I used snaps then I would get into the habit of not retying and in turn could end up losing a fish.
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duo loc size 2 snaps on all my moving baits, love them and never had a problem.


Lost a nice fish and topwater lure using Normans speed clip. Direct tie for me everyday.
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I don't normally use swivel snaps if that is what you mean, but I can and have used duo lock snaps. If the crankbait needs a loop type knot or uses a split ring, snaps of a comparable size should allow the bait to move without issue.
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Quote from: Rincon2388 on April 23, 2010, 04:35:02 PM
Lost a nice fish and topwater lure using Normans speed clip. Direct tie for me everyday.

:-\ How so?

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I have used Norman speed clips for years, no problems. One small tip, if you take off the splitring you don't have to squeeze the speedclip open. Just place the opening in the clip up against the line tie and pull. Only took me about 4 years to figure that out.
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if you are going to retie on a regular basis i really dont see the need for any type of clip. if you tie on a bait and cast it for any amount of time lets say 15-30mins then decide to change then you should retie any way. just my opinion. doug