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Fishing Report-Since we have not had one in a while

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Well, since I haven't seen a report in a while I guess I need to post something. After my dismal showing Sunday, I had to try my hand somewhere else. I even went without a boat and back to my roots fishing golf course ponds.

Wife is at a conference at SanDestin, so I decided to take some poles along since they encourage fishing on their 72 ponds. Got out late tonight after dinner to a pond near the road. Only had 20-30 minutes to fish but stuck two on a floating worm that were bigger than my two Sunday. :embarassed:

Brings back old memories of fishing GC ponds back home after the last flight of golfers went out.


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Fishing is good at Lake Munson.

Activity is good at Lake Jackson, but personally, I did not do well the two hours I was there today.

Bass: lizard lure...

Everything else: live worms with sinker & cork.

I think I'll try Lake Talquin soon. Everything that I have caught has been fished from a kayak.

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