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Opener this weekend, who's going?

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Ron Fogelson

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Well my Dad has been calling me for 2 weeks talking about the annual Fogy trip to Dead Coon Lake and once again I'm going ot miss it  :'( :'(


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Wish I were going Fogy - some wonderful memories of fishing openers.  Used to head to various locations instead of a single lake every year.  Clear Lake on the NE side of Mille Lacs, Carlos in Alexandria, the many lake in the Chisago City area, and Cedar Lake in Annandale are a few of the places I remember hitting.
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Mike Cork

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Man I thought you had it figured out so you could go  :'( Sorry your going to miss it Ron, I know you were looking forward to the possibility. Oh wait, your retired, all that spare time you had while working is GONE..... Once retired everyone thinks you have all kinds of time and want something, and that spare time runs out quick....  ~roflmao
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