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livewell operation on 2009 ,200 super pro

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I just purchased this boat.Have not had it in the water yet.Not familiar with the livewell,any tips would be helpfull.



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Is that the single counsole maroon colored one from Bass Pro in Bossier?  Livewell is easy enough to use.  It has a lever below the throtle control for fill and drain.  I flip it to fill whenever I am ready to use it.  It has an arrieator for either side, and a circulator, as well as pump-out for either side.  Use the arriator to fill it to your desired level, then use the circulator.  I have never lost a fish when doing that.  One word of "warning" when you take your boat out.  The SP200 has a low rear-end, and if you slow down too fast, you will "wash" your back deck.  I usually slow down as fast as I want, then hit the gas at the end to keep the water from overtaking the deck.  No harm done if you splash it... just be prepared for it until you get the hang of it.  If you are in Shrevport-Bossier, I would be happy to show you what I mean.  Feel free to PM me any time.  I have a 2006 SP 200, and love the boat!


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Lawguy, does the auto works for the switches?
Also, will the port fill by just turning on the port switch?
I have a 2005 SP210 and the livewell switches are not as simple as my friends BassCat.
Do you know where the fuse box is located where I can replace fuses?