Are you a bass fishing guide?

Started by MotherNature, November 03, 2010, 03:43:01 PM

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Are you a bass fishing guide that works hard to get their customers? Take a minute to look at your profile here on Ultimate Bass and request to be added to the "Bass Fishing Guide" membergroup.

Instead of being a "bass fry" or "smallmouth" you will be a "BASS FISHING GUIDE" and you will be allowed to have a small linked banner in your siggy that links back to your guide site.

In return you will be asked to provide your business info (business name, phone number, email address) to us along with posting fishing reports in your home state for a little free advertising. Ultimate Bass gets just over 6,000,000 pageviews a year.... that's right, 6 Million pageviews a year so that's quite a few eyes on your info especially if it is someone that is coming to your home state looking for somewhere to go where the fishing is good or just looking for someone who knows where the fish are biting.

Take a look at it. The process is really easy. Just scroll to the top of this page =>> Click on Profile =>> Modify Profile =>> Group Membership =>> Bass Fishing Guide and fill in the box with the information that is asked for.

Business Name
Your Name
State/s You Guide In
Local Lakes Fished
If You Fish Year Around/Seasonal
Phone No.