December Tournament Results

Started by BMiles, December 12, 2010, 05:12:52 PM

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Full results are now posted on our WEB Page


1st Place:  Michael Smith - 5 fish, 10.8 lbs
2nd Place:  Wesley Ard - 5 fish, 9.58 lbs
3rd Place Shannon Ard - 3 fish, 5.88 lbs
Big Fish:  Michael Smith - 3.44 lbs

We had 20 anglers weigh in 21 fish at 43.24 lbs and no dead fish


Thanks Bob!  Superfast update to the website.  Did the club select where the Jan tourney will be?
Mr Page, you have again, created a one of a kind masterpiece trophy!  Check the website everyone for Michael's first place picture with the trophy.  CONGRATS MICHAEL! 



 ~c~ Congrats to all the winners and anyone else that actually caught a bass,.... ;D
Time to make another trip to BPS to replace all the lures I lost  lo

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January tournament was voted on at the meeting as well as the February and March.  Dates and locations are as follows:

22 Jan - Black Creek
19 Feb - Seminole
19 Mar - Deer Point