Waskom Bass Club Martin Creek

Started by CJZX225, February 13, 2011, 08:01:24 PM

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The weather was nice but the fish didn't cooperate as well as they should have. 

Here are the standing:
1st was CJ Gillard with five fish at 13.09
2nd was William Havard with five fish at 12.45
3rd was Mike Cochran with five fish at 12.37
4th was Pat Spary with five fish at 11.28
Nick Lebrun had big bass at 5.00


Sounds like a decent day though CJ! Congrats on the win! ~c~


Congrats to all.  It sure was a nice day to fish, even though I got schooled by my backseater.  After she had two in the well, before I got my first bump, I was sure the club would have a couple 20lb sacks.