Zara Spook Reflective Paint

Started by AJLures, March 06, 2011, 10:27:14 PM

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What makes those Zara Spooks so dang reflective?  I shined my big flashlight on one and it almost blinded me.  It is something in the clearcoat.  I googled 'highly reflective paint' and came up with a company in Australia that sells this holographic paint. 

Does anybody know what is in it?  I would like to add a reflective powder to my clearcoat.  Has anyone tried using  It looks like they have something that would work, but I am too new with paints to even guess what to buy. 

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I found a some iridesent powder at Michaels Craft Store....not sure if u have them in Ca. I've used it in some hand poured soft plastics. I think it maybe be fine enough to mix in a clear coat to paint on any hardbait such as a "spook" or crankbait. Good luck , and hope u find it.


Mimicking a chrome apperance by spraying it with paint is very costly and difficult to do correctly. There are some interesting effects you can give by spraying different products, but as for a true mirror type shine, chroming is the only way out. Now for the powders(pearls)that you can add to the clear, these are a great way to achieve a shimmer, or a slight color variation from when you look directly at it or if you hold it away and try to look down the side of a lure.

Now there is a process im which you can achieve almost a perfect chrome-like reflection, by spraying or airbrushing. This is by using a product called Mirra-Chrome produced by Alsa-corp. Im by no means trying to market for them, they are just the only suppliers of such product.

Mind you this is a very expensive product, and is difficult to apply properly. But once done it is the only thing to even compare to that kind of reflection.
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guys, the chrome spook is a wrap.....its not a paint.  its ultra thin, like the rattle trap finish. 


   That chrome finish is a vaccum deposition coating.
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