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Draw / Launch Order for TX # 2 - Potomac

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Gates open at Smallwood at 5am. We plan on launching at 6:30am or first safe light- weigh in at 3pm. We will meet at the end of the Dock where we met for the first TX. There is a possibility that my boat, Clint's boat and Josh's boat will not be repaired in time for Saturday. Clint's is expected to be fixed on time- don't know about mine yet- but should be ready, and Josh's is "not looking good" according to him so we did not put anyone with him. In the event my boat is not ready Dave will fish with Joe.

#1 Rick and Mike C
#2 Dustin and Eric
#3 Mike L and Paul
#4 Jim and John
#5 Charlie and Dave
#6 Chuck and Tracey
#7 Andrew and Rockey
#8 Jason and Travis
#9 Clint and Brian
#10 Joe D. and ____________
#11 Ryan and Joe S
#12 Josh and ___________

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Are there any other TXs outta Smallwood on saturday?
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Yes 17 boat TBF Maryland and 70 boat Delware TBF that i know of Delware will not launch til 7:00. I will launch Maryland TBF as soon as i feel it is safe. all will weigh in at 3:00pm Good luck to everybody as i am fishing TBF.  ~c~
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did you say 70 boats for the Delaware TBF?
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