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Started by knowles, May 23, 2011, 02:22:23 PM

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I am interested in possible membership. I am a boat owner but I was wondering if anyone has room for a guest at the next tournament and what I would have to do to be eligible.  Should I show up at the next meeting? Thanks!


Hey, great to have you. You can check out the web site You can find all the info about the meeting and such. I'm sure someone will have a back seat for you. I'm pretty sure all you have to do is pay your club and federation dues. I think it's 85 dollars for the year.

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Thanks Aaron for giving information...just one thing to the dues are the club dues.  After a certain point in the year we no longer require/accept Federation dues.  Hope you understand.  You are still welcome to fish the club events as a full service club member.  Thanks Ron
Ronald Whitman
Niceville FL 32578