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Sean Hinton

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Colorado TBF STQT
Information Sheet
August 05, 06 and 07, 2011
Tournament Director:
Sean Hinton, 303-667-9080,

Tournament Executive Contact:
Jeff Jones, 303.903.1207,

Site Host: American Legion Hall 101 S 8th St. Logan, NM 88426

Housing Host: UTE LAKE MOTOR INN 6812 540 LOOP LOGAN, NM  88426 (575) 487-2445

Entry Deadline Date:  July 22, 2011 (postmarked)
Each club sends their State Team entries to: Colorado TBF ATTN. Jeff Jones 3030 South Xeric Court Denver, CO 80231

Off- Limits: August 01, 2011 at 12:01 am 

Body of Water: Ute Reservoir Logan, NM

Launch Location: Marina, permitted location on the Ute Reservoir

Weight Inn Location: Courtesy Dock

Creel and Length Limits: 5 fish, (Small Mouth, Large Mouth and Spotted Bass) must be 14

TOURNAMENT WATERS: The tournament waters for this event shall be UTE Reservoir ONLY and shall include all waters creeks and canals connecting to the above-mentioned waters. Any waters within these boundaries posted Off-limits or No Fishing by State or Federal Agencies will be Off-Limits. Any live-bass-release areas established by the Tour Director will be Off-limits as well as will be announced at the pre-tournament briefing. Any additional off-limits will be announced at the Friday night pre-tournament briefing. Only that water open to ALL public fishing will be considered tournament waters. Any waters closed to public fishing will be closed to these tournament contestants.

Official Tournament Days:
August 05, 06 and 07, 2011 Official Tournament Days
Take off Daily at safe light
Weigh-in begins daily at 3:00 pm
First Flight at 3:00 pm

Official Dates and times: All tournament rules apply

Official Practice days and Registration:
August 05, 2011 Official practice day, The Lake will go off-limits at 4:30 pm Friday August 05, 2011 until the start of the tournament.

Friday August 05 2011 5:005:45 pm
Rules Briefing and Draw:
Friday August 05, 2011 6:00pm. 

License/permit fees: State Boat launch passes required and available at Marina. Appropriate Fishing License required. Proof of New Mexico Fishing must be Present at check in. Proof insurance must be in your boat and boats one and two in the launching order must show proof of insurance before launching each day to the Tournament Direct.
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Sean Hinton

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If you haven't made hotel plans for the CTBF STQT you need to do so. Ute Lake Motor Inn has only 5 rooms left. Some guys this last weekend waited until late and was stuck driving 35 mile round trip each day.

Housing Host: UTE LAKE MOTOR INN 6812 540 LOOP LOGAN, NM  88426 (575) 487-2445

Don't live your life on what you did yesterday!


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Here are the teams listed right now; 21 total.  If there are any names missing let me know via email or phone.
Thanks, Jeff.

Frank Villa / Chad Brekke
C. Dombkowski / T. Gentzel
Gary Sneith / Travis Sneith
Jeff Jones / Brian Bellas
Larry Triplett / Cliff Bell
Brian Pierce / Jeramy Findley
Lamont Gizzi / Jeanne Gizzi
Clay Roberts / Sandi Roberts
Jared Nikirk / Mark Nikirk
Jim McCormick / Bob Howard
Brad Sichterman / Walt Scully
Charles Thornton / Darin Price
Al Austin / Carey Goldberg
Steve Way / Jim Choate
Troy Limmer / David Swartz
David Withee / John Hunter
L. Claspell / W. Claspell
Tyler Rich / Austin Thron
Danny Bender / Josh Bender
Matt Massey / Scott Tracy
Sean Hinton / Sam Heckman


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Sean Hinton and Sam Heckman won............Myself and Matt Massey finished 2nd.   I cant remember everybody else but i do know that Tyler Rich, Austin Thorn made the team.  It was fun but super hot!!