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Bass Fishing Report Lake Berryessa

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 ~fff  This lake is almost in my backyard and is a beautiful lake to go and spend the day...I guess I get lazy living on Clearlake and forget there are other lakes close by. But a friend has told me this about the fishing there.
Lake Berryessa has been consistent working Carolina rigged Robo worms on points. Grubs and Tubes fished on 1/8 oz. darthead is also working. and i have also been told that the top water bite is picking up in the early morning but as soon the sun gets up its done. This seems to be the story on most of our N. Calif lakes. With all the snow melt it is filling up all the lakes and making the water temp crazy. I know that putah creek was always a good area using white spinnerbaits. Than if you go to the upper part of this lake there in the vineyards. At one time there was a wine vineyard and when they built this lake it is now underwater, allot of fish hang out there, use worms split shot.  Don,t forget the crappie on this lake that is good fishing too. ::)

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Thanks for the report Bassngal, I only got to fish this one a few times but it sure was a pretty lake. Crappie huh? Good eat'n there ~c~

Are they still catching those giant bass out of there on the swim baits?
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