Want To Start Making My Own Plastics

Started by afroman5015, July 07, 2011, 02:12:19 PM

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As the title says, I'd like to start making my own soft plastics and would like to know what a good "starter package" would be ? ex. Type of molds, best type of plastic to use, good colors, mixers. Just lookin for a decent priced little setup for making some baits  ~cf all help is appreciated


check the usual plaes, they all ahve starter kits. pic a bait you would use the most and have the most confedence in and get that kit. bears, del-mart, Lure craft all have stuff. bears and tackelunderground ahve forums dedicated for this and you can search tere and find every answer you need.

Mike Cork

Just like any color wheel you can make a color from the basics.  Red and blue make purple kind of things.  So Red Blue Yellow and black would be the first four colors I bought from there you can make recipes and have your own blends.  They sell all the colors for when you want to get knee deep but to get started I recommend just the basics.

As mentioned there are starter kits that will come with a pint of plastic, a couple molds and a couple colors.  Sometimes there is a softener or "Flavor" with them.

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