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Glen Flint Tournament Reminder Saturday July 16th

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Where: Glenn Flint
When: Saturday July 16th
Check In Time:  5:20am.-6:10am
Launch: 6:30am

Driving Instructions From Indianapolis:
 West from I-465 go 33 miles west on Rockville Road/US36  and turn left at US-231 go 2.3 miles and turn right on W CR-500 N ( White Church on corner) go 2 miles then take a slight left at N CR-325 W go 0.5 miles then turn right (west) on W CR-450 N/W    CR-450 N go west 1.3 miles to Glenn Flint Lake                                 .

There will be up to 22 boats and possibly another tournament, please be on time and prepared as the following schedule should help get the tournament underway on time.

IDNR laws apply. Make sure You and Your Boat are legal including life jackets, throwable, license, live wells, lights, fire extinguisher etc…. If you get a ticket you may also be disqualified from the tournament.

The ramp is narrow and will probably only accommodate one boat launched at a time. To reduce traffic congestion please follow the procedures below.

5:20am  begin check in line,

Stop at Indy Bass Check-In location marked by the “IBC Check –In” sign. If you are the first to arrive please park on the right side of the road past the convenient store by the row of mailboxes before the split in the road. Van Bibber lake should be on your right.

Pay Jason Smith entry fee $70 per boat entry fee.

Pay Jason Smith  $10 per boat to enter the daily “Tournament Big Bass”
Pay Rick Ray $5 per person to enter the “Optional Big Bass Rollover Pot”

Draw launch order

Mike Schwomeyer will conduct Live well & drain plug check, tag boat with ribbon.

Stop at the ramp house and pay  $7 launch fee, you will need to tell them your boat registration #, example (IN1234BC)

Launch boat @ ramp and move truck/ trailer to parking lot.


Pre tournament meeting and auction #1 Launch position will be “On the Water”. Please idle to the end of the idle zone and wait inside the idle zone. Shut off engines. The tournament director will conduct the pre tournament meeting and the starter boat will begin the launch order allowing the #1 boat a 20 second  head start.

“Time Check”

“Weigh-In” time is 2:30pm. Return to the ramp by 2:30pm

There are “No speed limits”

There are “No Off Limits” areas

5 Fish per boat, 14” Limit


“Starter” boat to call the launch order starting with boat #1 with a 20 second head start.


Trailer your boat and leave your fish in the live well until all boats are out of the water, approximately 2:45pm.

The “Weigh In” station will be set up under the shelter in the parking lot.

We will not call numbers to come to weigh in. Watch the line. If you see more than 5 teams in line please wait a few minutes. We will weigh the fish as quickly as possible.

Place your “fish and water” in the sink then place your bag in the gray container to catch the water.

After the fish have been weighed in, grab your fish and have your photo taken then place the fish in the bag and return them safely to the lake.

Very Important!!!!

The water temperature was reaching the mid 80’s on practice days. Please make sure you have Ice and livewell additives to use to help keep your fish alive. I would suggest filling your live well in the morning and run your aerator all day. The ½ lb penalty for a dead fish will be strictly enforced.
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