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Glen Flint Results, WOW

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Indy Bass Club Returns to Glen Flint
Glen Flint hasnít been on the Indy Bass Club tournament schedule since May of 2009 when 17 teams took to the water to weigh in 7 keepers weighing 17.69lb. and the Big Bass weighing in at 4.06 lb.  There were 12 teams that blanked and no limits brought to the scales.
Fast forward to 2011 when 21 teams took on the Glen Flint (aka The Dead Sea) challenge and what a different lake it is in 2011. Itís possible Lake Waveland has been taking the pressure off while Glen Flint has done some healing as we saw 21 teams weigh in 43 fish with a total weight of 104.7 lb. Big Bass saw two fish go over the 5 lb mark including a 5.09 lb by Branham / Vickery and Big Bass and Big Bass Rollover honors went to Miller / Schwomeyer with a 5.41 lb lunker. Only two teams blanked and there were two teams with five fish limits. Team Jason / Jason took 1st place with 13.48 lb, 2nd place went to Team Crossley (P-Line) with 12.24 lb. 3rd place Branham / Vickery 10.56 lb.  4th place Miller / Schwomeyer 8.79 lb. and rounding out the top 5 Neal / Smith with 2 fish weighing in at 7.56 lb.
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