EL gRande Elites to visit South Africa

Started by Bountiful Waters, October 14, 2011, 07:43:49 AM

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Bountiful Waters

El Grande Lures Elite Pros Derek Remitz and Fred Roumbanis will be joining our prostaff in South Africa for a well planned visit. The Elites will be fishing with with some of South Africas and Zimbabwes best bass fisherman. With a little jealousy, they will also be chasing the hard charging Tiger Fish. Fortunately, my South African partner has arranged for these events to be filmed and televised in South Africa. Don't despair because we intend on mass producing this documentary on DVD for your enjoyment. It will be a great pleasure to see my US staff and African staff fishing out of the same boat.

Ron Fogelson

Thats cool news Jay!

Is Justy going to be one of the guys showing them around?