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Started by BassAnglerMagazine, November 11, 2011, 03:19:36 AM

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Bass Angler Magazine is packed and ready for the 25th anniversary of Anglers Marine Bass-A-Thon.  The bass angling magazine written for and by bass anglers prepares to make the trip from their Northern California home base to the big bass event at "Southern California's premier boat dealership. 

"Come on by, say hi, check out the latest issue or bring your bass, bait or body of water question to the booth for Bassmaster and FLW champion Charlie Weyer," invited Editor-in-Chief Mark Lassagne.

He then gave a preview of the BAM bargains that attendees can expect.   
An annual subscription will be offered at the Bass-A-Thon for $19.95 and will include a free issue available for pick up at sign up.

For those ready for a two year commitment to the "most relied upon fishing  publication by bass anglers " the show price will be $39.90, also include the free issue for pick up at sign up and a spin on the BAM prize wheel. 

Wheel spinners can net cash or prizes valued from $1 to $100. Subscribers can come away with product from;
•   Gary Yamamoto Baits
•   Baits by River2Sea
•   Apparel by Bass King Clothing
•   Product from Bait Buttons
•   Baitcasting reels priced from $50 to $100
•   Line from McCoy
•   A hook up from FishClipper

BAM didn't forget those that can't make the event and is offering a "before, during and after" Bass-A-Thon subscription price.  In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Bass-A-Thon, one year of BAM will be offered for $18.25 for online purchasers with member's code only. 

The price is effective immediately.  It will be honored pre and post show; but will not include the show goers freebies for onsite subscribers. 
The code will not be accepted for "Bill Me Later" orders and will expire on November 30.

To take advantage of the offer use code UB114.

Details on the 2011 Bass-A-Thon can be found at

For more information on the bass angling magazine, written for and by bass anglers, visit the BAM website.

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BAM - A Great Bass Fishing Magazine -

Mike Cork

Man I wish I was close enough to come to this show, I have heard great things about it :toot:

A subscription for 18.25  :shocking: Folks this is CHEAP for all the information you get. Without a doubt, no kidding, I'll swear to it..... Bass Angler Magazine is by far the best publication out there for bass fishing information... Period!!!

Each issue has nearly 30 information packed articles, not articles that are advertising or pushing a companies bait, not about the great tournament and a small tidbit of how it was done, but information jam packed articles.

Do I sound like a commercial, you bet, BAM magazine the most exciting thing to come along in information sharing that I have seen in a long time. Articles from across the nation, lakes, baits, techniques. These articles DO NOT leave you hanging each one is so full of information that I glean new ideas to things I thought I knew well.

Honestly folks, if you want a magazine that you look forward to seeing in your mail box, this ones it. Just try it, one subscription, one year and you'll know what I'm talking about! A spool of line costs more than this subscription ;)

Fishing is more than just a hobby

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I totally agree, great magazine!!
Never quit casting!


I tried to subscribe but it said "Code is not Valid"   :-\ :'(


Hi Joe,

Our error! The code is case sensitive and needs to be in all caps.  UB114 is the way it will have to be entered.  It has been fixed in the original post.  Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

Glad to hear you're getting onboard.  Some great info will be coming your way!

BAM - A Great Bass Fishing Magazine -


OK Guys, Help me out here......I tried Capitalizing the UB and it still doesn't want my money... :'(
I even tried it with and with out the 'Send the Fall Edition Now' option.

Mike Cork

Well my first though was case sensitive but that's been addressed? Gonna have to get BAM back on this one.

Fishing is more than just a hobby

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Hi Guys sorry for the confusion. 

The code is now good on either of our subscription sites. 

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