Some Old, Some New

Started by Alan Smith, January 28, 2012, 08:20:51 AM

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Alan Smith

Finally able to get a little time painting lately. Have a couple of new ones, plus a couple that I hadn't painted in a while.

Crushed Bone

SSS (Switched "woops"y Shad)

Natural Pumpkinseed


Looking good!  I really like #1. ~shade
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As usual Marc, fantastic job. Really like the pumpkinseed finish...amazing,amazing,amazing!


Marc, do you have a page that shows all your stuff?


They all look amazing. I really like the Shad. They look real and they would look great on the Alabama Rig


Awesome work Marc!! Those look great!!


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Wow, I wish I had your skills man ..It would be so much fun doing that !
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