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Team Bass Xtreme

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Team Bass Xtreme

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Please let us first introduce ourselves to you , we are Team Bass Xtreme , LLC . Our tournament staff provides anglers with a professionally directed and operated series of bass fishing tournaments in Ohio . Since getting involved in the Bass Tournament business 9 years ago , our tournament staff has built a strong reputation with fishermen state wide . We are often rewarded with positive feedback from anglers and will continue to look for areas upon which to improve .  Our circuit membership continues to grow at a rapid pace as each season goes by . We currently offer 5 divisions scheduled throughout Ohio. Each division hosts 8 events in it’s area. We also host an annual 2 day , year end Championship for our team series. We also offer our 8 event Elite Series as well consisting of a 2 day fish off.

      To feed the continued growth of our tournament trail, we need your company on board as a sponsor. Get your company and products noticed in 2012. We already know that fishing is a multibillion dollar industry. So let’s use it to make your business a success, increase your sales and market share.  With our passion, determination, honesty, and drive, we will help you get your product noticed . Tournament anglers account for a great deal of your business and we can provide that. There is also a large number of boaters , fisherman and spectators that visit the lake everyday that we will also introduce your product to. Opening your market up to those in the tournaments as well as those just watching . We are here to provide you with word of mouth , directly to your potential buyer. This is a powerful tool , people will hear about your product at our tournament events. These testimonials  will stick in their minds . We make Sponsoring our events very economical for any businesses. We provide a tremendous amount of exposure for companies due to hosting such a great number of events.

    We invite you to take a minute and visit our Tournament Trail website at www.teambassxtreme.com. to obtain more information as to who we are and what we are about . We look forward to hearing from you and to see what we can do to help your business profit from our market.

Have a great day
Phil Carver
Team Bass Xtreme , LLC