Started by WVOIFVET, May 17, 2012, 11:05:18 AM

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 ~cf  Let's get those reports going!  We don't need exact locations or GPS coordinates, especially if it is your honey spot or for a tourney!  But please at least provide information of your trips, even if you get skunked!  Please include some (and not limited to) the body of water, temps for water, weather conditions, is the water level normal, low or high; depth caught at and what type of lures and techniques used.

Any information helps people in your area know what is working and what is not.... and condition information can help other people help you and themselves if they know about what works for them in certain conditions!

Pics are always a plus!  Lets see those hawgs you get!  Heck anything caught is a great catch in my book!

Thanks again for all your posts!  Good luck and wishing you tight lines!

PM me if there are any issues or any other information that should be included in this post!