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Started by dmk801, August 12, 2012, 09:27:20 AM

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Name: Dominick Krause
Age: 19
Hometown: Pennellville, New York
Home Water: Oneida lake, Onondaga lake, Otter lake, Cross lake
Favorite Technique: Senko Fishing, Top Water Fishing, Jig Fishing
Primary Fishing Strength: Shallow water sight fishing
Contact information:
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Background: I was born and raised in New York State, around the Oneida Lake area. I started fishing when I was 5 years old with my father on his boat. I took my fishing to a new level in 2009 when I joined Junior Bass Master's. The first two years I was just getting into soft plastic fishing so I didn't do so well. This year in the club I am ranked 3rd out of everybody in the club. Now I fish soft plastics daily when I go fishing.

2012 Accomplishments
Junior World Qualifier- 3rd place
Junior/Senior partners tournament – 3rd place
Otter lake- 1st place and Big bass
Oneida lake- 5th place
Lock 23 – tied for 1st place
Oneida lake-3rd place
Corky Pond- 2nd place
Cross lake- 3rd place

2013 Accomplishments
Junior World Qualifier- 8th place
Oneida Lake-2nd Place
Cross Lake- 8th place
Otter Lake- 4th and big bass
Corky Pond-3rd Place
Lock 23-2nd Place

2014 Accomplishments
Ranked 2nd in the club
St. Lawrence high school qualifier- 3rd place

Current sponsors:
Rein Tungsten

I am willing to show off and promote baits and items. I am going to start making videos of some baits and start a blog. I will be loyal and respectful to you, customers, and other staff members.
If you believe I am a good candidate for sponsorship for your company, Please contact me by my email.
Thank You
God Bless