11 New Dobyns Rods Scheduled for Release This Month

Started by Pacific NW Ron, December 06, 2013, 10:50:17 AM

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Pacific NW Ron

New Dobyns Rods
I just received word that Dobyns plans on releasing 11 new rods just in time for Christmas. 
Here they are.
The New Extreme DX746C that some of you are waiting for as well as two more Extreme's the DX683C and DX765FLIP.
Here are the Champions that are scheduled 634CB, 635CB, 735CSH, 736CSH, 706CB and 806CB.
There are two new Savvy the SS901SF and SS961SF.
I'm accepting pre-orders on these starting today Decenber 6th 2013.  Call, Email or PM me for pricing.  I don't have these listed on my site yet.
Don't forget, the 40% off Promo is still going.   

Enjoying retirement in the great Pacific Northwest.  I've turned into a fair weather angler.  Why do it today when I can do it tomorrow?

Mike Cork

I've been watching these for a while now. That 746 is going to be amazing!!!

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Dang! I should have held off on giving my wife that Christmas list!  ~b~

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Cool!  I have a great idea.   :-*

All of you diehard Dobyns guys need to upgrade your rods and list your old rods in the classified section for us "Dobyns wanna try's" to buy second hand.  This way everybody wins.