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Started by Rangerman, July 20, 2014, 10:09:28 AM

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Just talked with Roger a local LKN fishermen on his return from Lake St. Clair MI. ~sun Using my marked map as some of "OUR" GPS marks he and his wife just returned after having a  "Super Great Trip" in his words from the hotel to the fishing. They boated 30-40 Smallie's a day. He did get tried of catching the Green Heads in the canals lo lo that's what you do when the brown fish bite slows lo LSC has and outstanding LMB population. ~c~ But I go for the Smallies. LSC needs to be on all fishermen's bucket list. ~sun Most of the fish caught on tube and wacky Senko which is slow to me but it was catching the fish. Son I like the top water and swim bait bite at 80-100 a day lo It just did not happen for me this year in two week long trips. Son I'm ready for the Fall trip up North for the Lipless Rattle Bait bite in Sept or Oct. y'all should hook up and go. Say Pepsi Please ;PEP)