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Black Bayou Hosston, Feb. 13/RESULTS

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Our next event is scheduled for Black Bayou Hosston on Feb. 13th. Our optional 7 Pound Pot ($10/boat) is open to everyone, since it was broken on Martin Creek and the balance is zero.  We usually have a pretty good draw at Hosston, hopefully the weather will cooperate...hope to see everyone there!
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We had 48 teams and 61 new members, the bite was are the results:

1.  Scotty VanArsdel/Tim Willhoite...15.87 pounds ($840)
2.  Jacob Caraway/Harper Caraway...14.28 lbs. ($600)
3.  Kevin Lettau/Gary Allen...13.10 lbs. ($480)
4.  Stuart Toney/Amy Toney...12.25 lbs. ($360)
5.  Trey Thompson/Steven Flanagan...11.94 lbs. ($120)
6.  Boyd Wolfe/Dennis Wolfe...10.97
7.  Paul Clark/Dolph Minard...10.21
8.  Curtis Carrigan/Johnny VanArsdel...9.75
9.  Andy Yerger/Cody Dollar...9.22
10. Rodney Powell...8.41
11. Ronald Hendrickson/Chris Cardino...7.93
12. Mike Reagan/Alex Morgan...7.62
13. Johnny McCall/Mike Pilgreen...7.33
14. Trip Taylor/Josh Amburn...6.97
15. James Denby/Daniel Denby...6.83
16. Johnny Costello/Chad Young...6.69
17. Jake Hooker/Jeff Hooker...6.45
18. Cory Hooker/Chris Murray...6.15
19. Brandon Hudson/Josh Rodriguez...5.36
20. Chad Cole...5.19
21. Jacob Fricks/Josh Johnson...5.04
22. Jeff Choate/Kenny Coleman...4.45
23. Clifton Birmingham/Drew Davis...4.40
24. Coulson white/Aaron Thompson...3.92
25. Brandon Riley/Peyton Thomas...3.28
25. Joe Waddles/William Salon...3.28
27. Steve Reneau/Kermit Burns...3.14
28. Randy Garsee/Ted Warner...3.13
29. Matt Clark/Nick Roberts...2.02
30. Austin Adkins/Alex Philips...1.87
31. John Valentine...1.76
32. David Hansen/Stephen Newell...1.47
33. Noella McLaurin/Stacy Berney...1.32
34. Todd Meyers/TJ Smith
34. Steve Spacek/Jared Eguaras
34. TJ Long
34. Jeremy Dodson/Toby Coile
34. Dirk Deschler
34. Mike Craig
34. Whit Applegate
34. Peyton Igo/Jarod Brantley
34. Scott Murphy/Dante Bates
34. Mike Carlton/Trent Jackson
34. Gary Wagner/Chris Nettles
34. John Lalena/Shawn Chamberlain
34. Ron Hathorn/Jimmy Butcher
34. Tony Staton/Craig Stokes
34. David Helms/Caleb Helms

Big Bass:  Chad Cole...5.19 pounds ($480)
7 Pound Pot rolls over at $360, new members can't get in Pot at the Caddo tournament since the balance is not rule #23 for clarification.

Our next event is on Caddo Lake, out of Shady Acres ramp, on Feb. 27th.  This should be a good tourney, with lots of fish caught.  Please register with Stuart and Amy Toney (and please have the correct change to help registration run smooth for them), as I have a prior commitment and will be unable to attend this event. Please kick in and help wherever needed, Thanks!
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