1977 Ranger

Started by jlawson435, February 26, 2016, 06:37:03 PM

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Just picked this boat up. it is as new as could be. had very low hours on it always garage kept. It looks like it came out of a time machine. My question is......
It has two live wells on the dash it says aerator traced it back and it has a pump in the back area. Then has a tube with valve running into both live wells. Looks like to me when on water, the water runs into the live wells the when you turn on switch it pumps lake water into live well and then it flows back out the drain. Is this correct. Thinking about changing this up a little


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What you're describing sounds correct but I'm not Ranger smart. Bigwrench will be picking up on this I'm sure. He may know. -Jim
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That's seems about right to me also , I honestly am not sure but will do some digging . Welcome to the family !
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I have a 1987 Ranger with two livewells.  Mine had a panel on the angler's right with two knobs, one for each.  These are not switches but you either set to fill or empty each live well.  I assume, I hate when I say that, your livewells are just two switches that control two pumps?  If that is the case there should be an overflow of some kind in each livewell.  Some times this is a through hull piece that lets the water run into the hull and the automatic bilge pump pumps it out.  Or, it goes by hose to a through hull that is usually in the stern of the boat.  This kind works by pulling any water in the overflow out when running.
Pictures might help us help you.  Kris
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My first boat was  a 1977. It had a shut off valve similar to spigot. It had a handle that came through the floor under the backseat. Turned it clockwise to shut the livewells counter clockwise to open.