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Annual tournament

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The members who said it would be a money issue, to travel, I have an answer for them. There are sponsors out there waiting to be had with alittle work. The computer makes the search a lot easier. Here are a few suggestions. The first thing that needs to be done, is make some kind of flyer, or letter, with place, time, date, and info like" Ultimate Bass annual Regional Shootout", or similiar heading.  Most sponsors require this. I am sure Ultimate bass would be able to supply this letter or flyer. I could help with the design and content.
The next thing is to contact local establishments, ask them for their sponsorship, and offer to advertise their business in return. Like displaying a banner, handing out coupons, etc. Then you could move to the big guns. E-mail them , and ask them for their sponsorship. Tell them what they can do to help sponsor you, like travel expenses, help with motel accomidations etc. The most important thing is, you must do it early in the year, starting in January of next year would be the thing to do. Most companies offer sponsorship opportunities, but they have a limit.Contacting them early is the answer. You would be surprised at the number of companies that would be willing to help.It just takes alittle work.
             Ultimate bass could go on a sponsor drive also.We have a great web site to offer their advertisement on. Why not take advantage of this. We could have a tournament page, devoted entirely to the tournament. As the sponsors come on board, put them on the tourney page as a sponsor, with a link to their site. also the members could download the page or refer the page to their prospective sponsor. Pool the donations from them and use it for rooms, as I am sure that would be the big expense to over come. We could contact motels and such in the area we would be fishing, and offer them advertisement for a good discount. Believe me, this can be done, it just takes the effort, and desire. You can check out our clubs sponsor list on our home page, and we have about six more coming on board for next year.



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Great post Dundee, Beings we have been in the tournament business for quite some time I know what you are talking about.

Just one note, not only do you need to start early but you need to be persistant. If you didn't get a flat out no from them go back in a week.

A lot of bigger companies are alotting there advertising funds right now (fiscal year beginning), I have experienced some of those companies that will give it all away as fast as they can so that they don't have to worry about it the rest of the year, that doesn't mean they will give it to just anyone but they will be looking for good causes and why not your club, you will be traveling (a sticker on the vehicle will go along way) you will be amoung a large group of fisherman where winning isn't the only way you will get to advertise for them because of the meetings built into the format (Saturday Dinner). Sorry I am short winded here I have a lot of thoughts on this and no time right now.... More to come

I do want to say that Dundee I admire your club very much for it's sponsor list you guys have done a great job. I would love to have you write an article for us about how to get your club sponsored  :-* :-* :-*
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To Summarize, here are the options so far for determining host:

Option A: Based on UBCS standings.
Option B: Clubs submit proposals and forum members vote
Option C: Clubs submit proposals and UB executives decide
Option D: Drawing of Members starting at 2005 UBCS
Option E: Drawing of Clubs at 2005 UBCS

In the event D or E wins, Twin Cities would host in 2005 to get the system started.

I think all options will work fine as long as a decision is made and it is stuck to.   

Laurie, you said that you would like the decision to be made by the end of the month.  Here is a sample timeline for open items that need to be decided upon:

October 8th: deadline to determine how host are chosen
October 15th: deadline to choose date of tournament
October 22: deadline for clubs to submit proposals (if options B or C are picked)
October 29th:  dead line for host to be chosen.

The reason the date needs to be chosen before clubs can submit proposals is because that will have a huge bearing on which fishery is recommended in each club’s proposal. 


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We have a new thread!!!

Look for "2005 Annual UBCS Tournament"