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Is there a way or program to allow me to see who is on my Wifi?

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I have just spent a week and few dollars redoing one of my home network computers. It is now running a fresh copy of Windows 10, Glary Utilities, Norton Security Suite, Glary Malware Hunter and anything else I can think of to try and keep my system secure. Most of my network is hard-wired but I do have Wifi here for my tablet and cellphones. Suggestions?
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Princeton_Man is our local computer guru, Smallie_Stalker usually has some good ideas too. They should both be by Monday.
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It's pretty easy.  If you Google "How to find out who's using my wifi", you'll find numerous examples of how to do it.   Here is one: 


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If you have a WiFi controller, you can log into it and generally see what devices are connected to your AP(s).  Put a good password on it and strong encryption on your WiFi network so you shouldn't have to worry about outside devices.